Solar is about saving.
You save money & together
we save the planet.

The Full-Service Solar Company

We handle everything from start to
finish and outsource nothing. The
switch to solar takes a full team.
We’re with you every step of the way.

The Fastest Installation

The longer your installation time the more it costs you in the form of missed savings. Don’t get stuck waiting and waiting to go solar. We’re fast.

Years of Affordable Solar Power

Enjoy the sunshine a little
more knowing you are saving money
and the planet by powering your home
with clean, renewable solar energy.

Meet our leadership team.


Matt Rasmussen

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Matt Rasmussen is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Vision Solar. Under his leadership, Vision Solar has become one of the nation’s fastest growing, full-service residential solar installers. Since it’s inception just two years ago, he’s lead Vision Solar across six states earning Vision Solar the title "#1 Fastest Growing Company in Utah under five years old". Matt has over ten years experience in executive management and knows how to get results.

Dave Rasmussen

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Dave Rasmussen is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Vision Solar. As the architect behind Vision Solar’s systems, processes, and solutions, he’s driven Vision Solar to record growth. His passion for people, technology, and innovation were instrumental in creating Vision Solar’s engaging and vibrant corporate culture. Dave’s prior experience with operations leadership spans eight years over multiple companies.

Marc Bratsman

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Bratsman is the Chief Financial Officer. He executes strategies that grow Vision Solar’s long-term value, competitiveness, and position as a leader in the solar industry. Marc has experience in both finance and operations leadership. His financial experience spans 15 years as a CPA and includes time as CFO of both public and private companies where his leadership supported significant revenue growth.

Jeremy Call

Vice President of Sales

Jeremy Call is Vice President of Sales. He leads all of Vision Solar’s sales initiatives and recruiting of new sales talent. With 11 years of sales management experience and half a decade in solar sales and marketing, his leadership has solidified Vision Solar as a top destination for recruits and his initiatives have been integral in Vision Solar’s explosive growth. Jeremy leads a group of insanely talented sales managers that improve and grow with his mentorship.

Shane Campbell

Vice President of Residential Installation

Shane Campbell is Vice President of Residential Installation. He directs and oversees all residential installation, leads installer crews, and ensures efficiency of warehouse operations. During his 15 years in Field Operations he's lead organizations to be more technically sound, more efficient, and more profitable. He has a passion for process and people which continues to empower Vision Solar's growth.

Doug Daniels

Vice President of Commercial Installation

Doug Daniels is Vice President of Commercial Installation. He directs and oversees all commercial installation, leads installer crews, and ensures efficiency of warehouse operations. From the day he set the first mount on Vision Solar’s first install, his hands-on leadership has facilitated the ever-growing list of happy homeowners who have gone solar across six states and counting.

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A People-Powered Company.

We make the switch to solar an effortless one for homeowners. Across six states nationwide, our people work tirelessly to ensure that our customers don’t have to. From educating homeowners to designing and installing custom solar systems. Our hearts go into every solar panel that’s installed and every home that they power.


A trusted leader
in the solar community.

We work at the local and national level to drive the solar movement forward.

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