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Do you consider yourself a climate-change fighting superhero?
Well how’d you like to be one?



You Can Power People.

You weren’t around when Edison first powered our great Country but you’re here for the switch to solar.




Whether you wear a cape to work is up to you. But Mother
Nature needs a hero like you.


Help homeowners save money, increase their home’s value, & save the planet in the process.


A home goes solar every 150 seconds. When homeowners have the choice, they choose solar.


Create lifelong friendships with co- workers and happy customers. We’re all changing the world together.

The full-service solar company.

The switch to solar takes an entire team. From educating homeowners to designing systems to installation and ongoing service --- we outsource nothing.
At Vision Solar, you matter.

How was work today?
Great, just saved the planet again.

Wrap your head around this one: Every solar system you install or help support is the equivalent of planting 500 trees or taking 200 cars off the road EVERY year the system is in use. Every home that switches to solar truly helps save the planet for future generations. At Vision Solar we make the switch to solar as easy as possible for homeowners. Whether you’re a part of our sales or our support teams you’ll sleep soundly at night knowing you’re making the world a better place.

Record-Breaking Growth.
Twenty times the national average.

Solar industry jobs have increased 86% in the past four years alone. A rate nearly 20 times higher than the employment growth in the overall economy. Here’s why: homeowners want solar and they’re switching-- one new solar install every 150 seconds to be exact. By 2016 that’ll jump to once every 60 seconds. If California was a nation, it’d rank 6th in the world in terms of solar energy capacity and the rest of the Nation is catching up quickly. The fact is, right now is the perfect time to join the solar revolution. We must commend you on your impeccable timing. You’re doing a great job already.


The easiest way to switch to solar.

Every 150 seconds someone switches to solar. Enter your information below to see if solar makes sense for you too.

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