Find out if your home is the perfect fit for solar:

Connecticut homeowners
are switching to solar.

You probably know a few people who’ve gone solar.


Connecticut is one of the fastest growing solar states in the country. Not only has solar production tribled since 2012 it continues growing at a record pace. In fact Connecticut is the second state in the U.S. (after Hawaii) to reach grid parity due to the high average cost of electrity. With us, you can switch at no cost and start saving right away.

How much do I pay upfront?


Put your wallet away, you pay nothing upfront.

What to Expect

Switching to solar involves a few key steps. Let’s take a minute to walk through them.

Step 1 -
Consultation with an
Energy Advisor

After submitting your information you’ll have a friendly chat with an Energy Advisor. We’ll review your energy usage, your utility provider’s rate structure, and see if solar is right for you. Using our virtual site survey program we’ll see if your roof is suitable for solar then create a proposal showing both short term and long terms savings plus all the details about your home’s custom solar system.

Step 2 -
& Permitting

Your solar system is custom designed to your home and your energy needs. Our in-house engineers create a custom electrical diagram based on the physical measurements of a field site surveyor. Engineering plans are then sent to local jurisdictions for permitting approval and utility approval. After approval, we’ll schedule the installation with you.

Step 3 -
& Interconnection

Your custom system is installed by our in-house installation team using all top-tier solar equipment. Then we file all paperwork with your local utility and await permission to interconnect. After approval is given we turn your system on. Welcome to your new solar-powered home!

There is no out of pocket cost to get started.
Find out if your home is the perfect fit for solar:

Sun-powered, climate-change
fighting superhero

(with curb appeal)

When we look at your roof we see a superhero in the making. Not the “faster than a speeding bullet” kind but definitely the “save this planet for future generations” kind. With a solar system, your roof transforms into a climate-change fighting superhero. Powered by sunshine, your home will offset so much carbon dioxide it’s the equivalent of planting 500 trees or taking 200 cars off the road EVERY year the system is in use. Switching to solar truly helps save the planet for future generations.

There is no out of pocket cost to you to get started.
Find out if your home is the perfect fit for solar:

What if...

We know you have questions and it’s our job to answer each and every one. Let’s tackle a few common questions right here.

What if I decide to sell my solar home?

We realize you may not stay in your home forever. When you move, the agreement simply transfers to the new homeowner. The transfer form is signed by each of you (yep, just one form!) and we take care of the rest. And here’s some even better news: Studies show that homes with solar sell faster and for more money.

What if my home isn’t a good fit for solar?

Not every home is the perfect fit for solar. To find out if your home is a candidate just fill out the form at the top of the page. Our experts will take a look at your roof using satellite images and we’ll quickly know whether your home and solar are a match made in heaven. In some cases a roof may need to be updated first or a tree may need to be cut down but we’ll contact you to walk through all your options.

“We were able to see it’s affordable and a great investment.”

You’re going to pay your power bill no matter what. Why not pay for solar and in so many years you don’t have a bill anymore.

-The Maloys Payson, UT
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