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What if I sell my home?
I'm wondering what happens if/when we move. We love the idea of cutting our expenses during the time we're still in this home but what happens when we need to move?
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Marissa M. Support Specialist
Not everyone expects to live in their home for 25 years! Studies have shown that the average homeowner moves every 3-5 years. If you do choose to move we’ll simply transfer the agreement to the new homeowner. Studies show that homes with solar sell faster and for more money. As you’d imagine, a home with lower power bills is an attractive selling point. We take care of every step of the transfer process including educating your agent on all the benefits of solar and answers to common questions. After you're all moved-in to your new place you can choose to convert it to solar as well!
Is my home a good fit for solar?
What are the criteria you look at to determine if my home will work with solar power? We have plenty of roof space but what else .
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Ethan K. Support Specialist
To determine if your home is a good fit for solar we look at a few key factors. First- solar panels need sunshine and it's important that your roof gets sunshine. The sunnier your climate the better. We'll also look for any obstructions like trees or other buildings. Second- the orientation of your roof matters. You'll need a south facing roof to maximize the amount of solar energy that reaches your panels. Third- your roof will also need enough space for the solar panels. Our in-house team will custom design a system specifically for your roof and your energy needs.
How long will the installation take?
I'd like to know how long the installation itself will actually take? I want my system installed as soon as possible to start saving money sooner.
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Liesl D. Support Specialist

Installation is included at no cost and takes just a few days. Switching to solar is as easy as giving us a call to get started. We take care of everything involved in the installation of your system, including:

  • We take care of the design
  • We take care of all permits
  • We take care of any surveys
  • We take care of city inspections
  • In short, we take care of everything

Our goal is to make the switch to solar an easy one. It begins with a simple phone call then we take care of the rest. There is zero cost to you for the installation of your solar energy system.

Do you maintain the system for me?
I was told that you also do all the maintenance on the solar system, is that correct? I really like the idea of not having to deal with any upkeep.
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Marissa M. Support Specialist
Maintenance and repairs are included for the entire life of your contract. Solar panels require very little maintenance but if anything does come up, simply give us a call and a technician will quickly be at your home. Panels do need to be sprayed down with water every few months to keep any dust, dirt, or build-up that could limit sunlight to a minimum.
Do you outsource any of the work?
Other solar companies we've talked to outsource the installation and pretty much everything other than selling the system. Do you outsource anything?
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Ethan K. Support Specialist

We care too much to outsource any of our work. We handle the entire process from start to finish. We meet with you to chat about your options and answer all your questions. Then we'll discuss your solar usage and how much solar can save you. Next we'll look over your roof to ensure it meets all requirements for solar and the spacing necessary for a system that meets your energy needs. Next we'll custom design your solar system specifically for your home. And of course the installation itself is handled by us too. We make going solar a simple process.

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