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Meet a few who are saving the planet with solar.

"Lightening speed install!"

Many thanks to you guys for making the installation process a seamless one. It all happened so fast and I’m grateful.

Irwin & Noemi S. Pittsburg, CA

"Please talk to my friends!"

I shared a bunch of names with my rep. They’ve already asked me about switching so please contact them.

Christy S. Oakley, CA

"I love not spending money!"

I feel so good about going solar not only because of the clean energy but I got it all for free. Plus my power bill is lower!

James T. Martinez, CA

"The savings over the next 25 years is priceless. I've referred over a dozen people."

I got my first NV Energy bill after 3 months and it was less than $20. That proved I made the right decision.

-Michelle, Las Vegas, NV

"It’s been 2 months"

... since installing the panels and I wanted to let you know we’re already saving about 34% on our PGE monthly bill.

Carlos S. Oakley, CA

"We LOVE Vision Solar"

Kudos to you all for converting our street into the solar st. We all went solar at no cost and we love it. Thanks!

Alfonso R. Clayton, CA

"Finally we can afford solar"

We almost went solar a few times but it was so expensive. Until you showed up we didn’t think we could ever switch.

Virginia M. Suisun City, CA

"As we talked it became clearer to me that I wasn't going to have any out of pocket costs."
I'm saving $125 to $150 a month on my electrical bill. Just last month my electric bill was $20!

-John Sullivan, Antioch, CA

"We're not buying the solar panels. We're buying the power that the panels are providing."
The installation process was very smooth, nothing was needed from us, Vision Solar took care of everything.

-The Gordons, Las Vegas, NV

"HAPPY customers!"

I wish that we had switched sooner. The benefits to the environment in addition to the cost savings makes this a great choice.

John N. Pittsburg, CA

"Paid nothing up front"

Nobody believed me that I was actually getting a solar system on my roof for free. Now most of them are switching too.

Alex L. Oakley, CA

"Had my doubts"

I was concerned that I might not actually save money, but I am. Every month my bill is lower than it used to be.

Donna W. Antioch, CA

"Vision Solar put up the panels for free, and even maintains and repairs them."
We look forward to spreading the word about solar energy and having a long relationship with Vision Solar.

-The Loriauxs, Henderson, NV

"Highly recommend Vision Solar"

We’ve never experienced a more detail-oriented, patient, focused-on-us, sales representative in ANY company ever.

Tim F. Pittsburg, CA

"We’re saving money"

To put it simply, WE ARE SAVING MONEY EVERY MONTH. We’re pleasantly surprised by the monetary savings.

Teresita S. Pittsburg, CA

"Clean, solar energy"

Yes my PG&E bill is cheaper but the benefit I’m most thankful for is the environmental impact of my new system.

Isabel R. Pittsburg, CA

"During the summer I save $70-$90 a month and $30-$40 a month during the winter."
We looked at solar for a number of years but it was just too expensive... until Vision Solar approached us.

-Bill C., Fairfield, CA

"I’m impressed!"

The attentive team of yours was particularly impressive to me. The high level of service even extends to your Customer Service team.

Nick B. Antioch, CA

"A simple process"

You guys promised us a simple process and you went above and beyond. Our FREE solar panels are WONDERFUL!

Larry C. Fairfield, CA

"Love getting my bill"

I actually look forward to getting my power bill just to see how much I’m saving--which is roughly $60 a month right now.

Kory B. Martinez, CA

"Our power bill was only $265 for the whole year."
You can live comfortably while still saving money. Go get it!

-The Agustins, Pittsburgh CA

"This is a breakthrough"

A no-cost solar system that also saves me money every month is an absolute breakthrough in the energy sector.

Peter A. Concord, CA

"BYE BYE Dirty Energy"

Our home is running on renewable energy and we’re no longer slaves to the dirty energy of the past.

John K. Concord, CA

"A million thanks!"

I spent $0 putting solar panels on my roof and it’s still hard to believe. That’s gotta be a $10k system up there.

Elaine D. Oakley, CA

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